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Allemaal gelul........

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02.01.2011 23:00, hermien from dunoek E-mail :
Hi Bas bedankt voor de geweldige fotoreportage . We hebben meegenoten met deze geweldige warme fleurige kleurrijke reis, samen met je ouders, terwijl wij hier in de witte ijskoude sneeuw invroren.
groetjes uit Hoek

15.10.2008 19:04, Rainer & Felicitas E-mail :
Hi Katarina, Hi Bas

do you remember us?
that´s me, Rainer and Felicitas (from Backgammontournament in the Sonesta Casino)
how are you ?
you leave SXM ?
where are you now?

nice to hear from you

08.12.2007 13:43, Beastiebas from Moeders E-mail Homepage :
The guestbook is online again ! After the old provider was finished, I found a new one. So please say what you have on your mind !

Page: 1
Entries: 3
Old Guestbook till August 2007                         
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